The Rapid Bike EVO Tuning Module For TOTAL Injection Control


The Rapid Bike EVO Offers Total Injection Control on Motorcycles with 4 to 8 Injectors

This offers more effective adjustment and control of all fuel injectors with The Rapid Bike EVO Module!

This Evolution in Tuning Module Technology works simultaneously on all the injection values and also on the O2 Sensor’s signal. This will offer a comprehensive tuning solution.

Technical Features:

  • Management of up to 8 injectors with the capability of reaching up to 150% more power and 100% less fuel consumption in the injection time.
  • Modulation of O2 sensor signal following the injection map (Like Having the RB-O2 and Rapid Bike Module in one)
  • Management of electronic shift with the ability¬† to modify the cut-off time according to RPM and gear position
  • Advanced map’s switching that can range from the engaged gear up to the position of the injectorRapid Bike EVO Box
  • Map Shifting while riding by using the optional switch on handlebar
  • Maps that can be customized with 320 points power gain and RPM figures with 50 RPM steps
  • Signal Management coming from gear position in order to remove speed limiter
  • Advanced map management features following the position of gear change
  • Self-correction of maps through steps and timer range
  • CAN-bus line for interaction with peripheral devices and reading of engine working parameters
  • Multi-compatibility with accessories, including Dynolink and Tuning Bike!
  • Aluminum alloy Outer Case, Sealed with Epoxic Resin, completely hit, vibration and water proof
  • Water proof wires with OEM connectors
  • 12v dc power supply and USB PC-connection

Check This new Rapid Bike EVO application for the 2010 APRILIA RSV 4 R/Factory



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